What is TMS?

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a non-medication, FDA-approved depression treatment that safely stimulates your depressed brain cells with a magnetic field

How Does TMS Work?

1. You come in & sit in our comfortable chair
2. We place the TMS technology on top of your head
3. With the cutting-edge technology, an invisible magnetic field safely ‘excites’ the depressed part of your brain.
4. You drive home

Why choose TMS Treatment?

TMS is made for those who don’t benefit from standard depression treatment(s) such as antidepressant medication and/or talk therapy. If you’re looking for better depression relief with fewer side effects, our customized TMS treatment program is the answer. 

What’s the catch?


There is no catch. Over 80% of our patients have a significant reduction in their depressive symptoms and over 50% leave FREE from ALL depressive symptoms. Clinical studies show 70% of people sustain these benefits for at least 1 year.


TMS is a noninvasive treatment lasting 19 minutes each visit, it’s covered by insurance and it has fewer side effects than antidepressant medication. With a customized treatment plan, Depression doesn’t have to rule you.


Take the first step with our free, 60-minute consultation

What does this include?

– We listen to your story, learn more about you and what you’re going through
– We see what treatments [counseling / antidepressant medication(s)] you’ve tried in the past
– We take a Patient Health Questionnaire to determine the severity of your depression
– We ask you what YOU are looking for & what YOU want out of treatment
– Lastly, we gather insurance info to determine your out-of-pocket expenses (if any)

The only commitment you have to make is 60 minutes of your time. This commitment can lead to a life-changing experience.

Free 60-Minute Consultation

Fill out the form to move forward. We usually respond within minutes.

Our TMS Reviews

I have battled depression for several years despite medication and counseling (CBT). I stood in the depth of desire and darkness, broken and lost. TMS, I viewed, as ‘hope found’. A great option with promising results to take back my life. In 2015, my struggles impacted my life greatly. I could not focus / concentrate and my executive functioning declined. I was no longer able to make decisions or perform the simplest of tasks. Self-isolation resulted in loss of friends and family. With TMS, I have completed old and new tasks/projects in a timely manner. I have set goals and accomplished them! I follow a daily routine and get out of bed and clean the house every day! I attend all medical appointments too! Prior these actions were exceedingly hard / non-existent. My family and friends say I return phone / text messages much faster. I am in ‘better spirits’. Over the phone my voice sounds ‘strong’. My outlook is positive. The fact I was able to complete this form speaks volume of my progress (the patient is referring to the feedback sheet we provide – 7 questions total!)! [My experience:] From the moment I called to inquire about TMS and the process, I found the entire operation was smooth and efficient. My assessment, mapping and first treatment were clearly explained. The TMS technician, Lotfi, was professional, prompt, efficient and caring during the daily treatments. The room was adjusted to my liking (lights / sound) with every treatment. The coronavirus precautions taken within the clinic and staff were outstanding. I can not ask for anything better than the care I received!! I would like to thank Dr. Griffith and team for having this option available. It is an efficient, effective program.

I chose TMS because medication & talk therapy weren’t working for me. Most of my life I have suffered from depression. I felt suicidal and couldn’t function in the outside world. TMS has helped me feel normal emotions. I no longer feel depressed and feel like I can go out in the world and do things. People around me have noticed that I don’t seem depressed and that my mood is better. The staff has been great. They are super friendly and understanding. The only thing I regret is not starting TMS sooner. People should not be afraid to try this.

I have been depressed for a very long time, and have tried different meds with no luck. I have been battling with depression since I was a teenager. Being depressed has affected my social and working life. My family has noticed I’m more relaxed and talkative after doing TMS. My treatment experience was wonderful. My clinician was so helpful, and understanding of my depression. She was amazing.  

Dr. Griffith suggested TMS. I wasn’t sure it would work but I wanted to try. I have been battling depression for as long as I can remember. My depression has caused me to become a recluse. I had quit doing my art and was spending a lot of time in bed. The TMS has made me feel human again. I enjoy things more and feel more alive and wanting to do things. Friends and family have noticed that I seem happier. I also feel like hanging out with my family more. Everyone here has made this experience great. I wasn’t sure how it would work and every day made me feel more relaxed. I am just thrilled that I feel so much better. I was very unsure that it would work and that it would work so well.  

I got TMS because my doctor recommended it. I’ve had depression for the last two years. A lot of sadness. No motivation. No energy. Since my TMS treatment, I am more motivated, hopeful and have a brighter outlook. People around me have said they’ve noticed the tone in my voice is better. I had a great experience at Dr. Griffith’s office. I’m hopeful the treatment will help me maintain my progress. 

After 20+ years of taking medication, there were still underlying and ongoing symptoms of depression. I wanted an alternative to “get over the hump” of these ongoing symptoms of depression. I have been taking medication for almost 25 years. Episodes of severe depression caused me to be withdrawn and inactive with daily life. Difficult to do the basics of daily living and sustain relationships. The best word to describe my progress is I feel ‘lighter’ and the desire to engage with life; not feeling exhausted to do the basic daily activities needed to function effectively (eating, sleeping, household chores etc..). The staff is helpful, friendly & kind. 

I did TMS because after years of treating my depression with meds and only getting some results, it’s still not where I wanted to be. TMS sounded like an option that indicated positive results. I just said ‘why not? It’s worth giving it a shot’. I had battled depression for 20+ years and it was taking over my life. I had times where I was paralyzed by it and couldn’t go to work. I couldn’t have a life and depression was swallowing me and made me hurt a lot. After doing TMS, I can say that it has given me the platform to step back at life and make better choices for myself. It has calmed and tamed those gray days that used to paralyze me. Even my husband has noticed how much better I feel. I am a less depressed person and a more vocal and fearless one when storms are near by. The team here is very friendly and accommodating. The staff is there to help you and make it as comfortable as possible.

My experience with TMS has been more successful than I expected. Now, I can get up, get dressed and show up and rejoin my friends for social activities. I can do these things without a knot in my stomach and without searching for an ‘escape hatch’. The treating TMS Therapy physician was professional and knowledgeable and his confident demeanor made me feel comfortable enough to trust him to see me through this journey and beyond.

The best miracle in my life was taking the leap of faith and having TMS therapy. Dr. Griffith has been my miracle worker. I am forever grateful to him. I have a newfound life without severe depression. TMS, which is truly a miracle machine, has given me a new start at life. I am thoroughly enjoying my life after NeuroSolutions TMS. The quality of my life has vastly improved. I am more mentally alive. I am fully aware of my surroundings and living in the here and now. My mind is no longer dwelling on the regrets and mistakes of the past, and I do not waste today by being fearful of the future. The thick, opaque cloud of darkness and invisibility has been removed from my eyes. The heavy burden of living with a chronic and debilitating depression, which lasted several decades, has been miraculously lifted from my strong shoulders. I had taken six antidepressants and none of them provided full relief for my depression. The only viable option I had was to have TMS therapy or continue living an unhealthy and miserable life where I was basically existing and not living.

My experience with Dr. Walter Griffith & NeuroSolutions TMS has been transformational. I was diagnosed as “clinically depressed” at age 10 – depression has been a part of my life for 48 years now. To say TMS Therapy improved the quality of my life is an understatement. TMS Therapy helped me get my life back; I feel like a new person. The underlying melancholy is completely gone. I can put one foot in front of the other & I can stop putting a mask on to hide the sadness. I feel energetic and alive. I want to be around people. I no longer want to isolate myself like I did in the past. I recommend NeuroSolutions TMS to anybody who feels worthless, hopeless, feels like there is no joy in life and you are living in a deep, dark hole. There is finally something to help.

TMS has helped me think more clearly, and I feel less depressed. I can differentiate between different feelings, feel much happier, and feel more comfortable around other people. After TMS, I can handle people better and things bother me less. The only thing I regret is not doing TMS therapy a lot sooner. The staff was made up of the best people I’ve ever worked with. Very accommodating, empathetic and caring. Dr. Griffith is Fantastic! Always there for me. This is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. 

My experience with NeuroSolutions TMS has been life changing. Before taking the Treatment I would wake mornings feeling like I didn’t want to live, let alone get out of bed. Once up, my daily routine consisted of watching TV until it was time to go to bed again. I had stopped spending time in my pool and had no interest in doing anything. About half way through TMS, I started feeling ‘lighter’, like a burden had lifted. Then I noticed I was feeling an underlying sense of happiness. Now I’m back in my pool, I’m organizing my house and I’ve started working on my hobbies again. The staff has been great and supportive. I like that the technician who administers the daily treatments has done the TMS treatment herself and can explain different steps as they happen. She is very understanding and easy to talk to. I now look forward to each day and what I can accomplish.

I had such a positive experience with TMS & Dr. Griffith. I can finally get more done during the day. I’m able to think about career options & make moves towards having a job. The staff & treater were very compassionate, knowledgeable & flexible. TMS is a godsend. -M.L.

My experience with TMS has been very positive and overall pleasant and helful. I can finally cope better with my depression and help.I can finally get a better grip on handling depressive thoughts and feelings of worthlessness and not let them affect my work or relationships. The office staff was very friendly, understanding & accommodating to the best of their ability. I am so satisfied with the spillover benefits of this treatment (beyond depression). It helped my anxiety. It helped my concentration and focus. And it helped my depression. 

I was willing to do anything I could to get rid of my depression. I’m glad I did it. The staff was great and very flexible. My experience has been great as the outomes have been worth it. I’m not miserable anymore. I’m happy. I can focus more and socialize. I finally get upwithout an alarm around 5 AM to workout at the gym or outside. I’m excited about things in my life.

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