Does United Healthcare cover TMS Therapy?


Does United Healthcare cover TMS Therapy?
  • Does United Healthcare Cover Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS therapy)?

    Yes, United Healthcare covers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as part of its outpatient procedure services.1 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative treatment designed to reduce symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in adults. It’s comforting to know that United Healthcare offers coverage for TMS therapy, ensuring support for their beneficiaries. To ensure coverage & eligibility, Dr. TMS Therapy will fill out a Prior Authorization form on your behalf. We can help easily determine your cost & coverage with a simple phone call. In order to get TMS covered by United healthcare, certain requirements need to be met. Please read below to learn more.

  • United Healthcare TMS Coverage Policy

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is proven and medically necessary for treating individuals aged 18 and older with major depressive disorder (MDD) when specific conditions are met:

    Treatment Resistance: The individual has not responded to at least two different classes of antidepressants in the current depressive episode.

    Intolerance to Medications: The individual cannot tolerate at least two different classes of antidepressants due to side effects.

    Previous TMS Response: The individual has previously responded to TMS, showing over 50% improvement on a standardized depression rating scale.

  • How to verify United Healthcare covers your TMS

    At Dr. TMS Therapy Griffith Psychiatry, a premier TMS clinic located throughout the Tampa Bay Area, we’re proud to be in-network with most major insurance plans, including United healthcare. You can find a United healthcare provider near you by clicking this link. Dr. TMS Therapy has 4 locations that could be close to you.

    Navigating United Healthcare insurance coverage for TMS Therapy can be daunting. At Dr. TMS Therapy Griffith Psychiatry, we are committed to making this process easier for you. If you are a United Healthcare beneficiary considering TMS therapy for depression or other conditions, our expert care coordinators are here to help. We specialize in working directly with your insurance provider to gather detailed information about your coverage for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy under United Healthcare.

    Don’t let uncertainty about insurance coverage prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Contact Dr. TMS Therapy Griffith Psychiatry today, and together we will explore your United Healthcare benefits for TMS therapy. Our team is dedicated to providing the support and information you need to make informed decisions about your mental health care.

  • What TMS treatments are NOT covered under United Healthcare’s policy?

    The following TMS treatments are not covered by United Healthcare2:

    – OCD

    – Autism Spectrum Disorder

    – Bipolar Disorder

    – PTSD

    – Alzheimer’s disease

    – Chronic neuropathic pain

    – Dystonia

    – Epilepsy

    – Headaches

    – Parkinson’s disease

    – Stroke

    – Tinnitus

    – Navigated TMS (nTMS)

    ** However, if you are interested in specific TMS Treatments that aren’t covered by insurance, please reach out to our office to learn more. We specialize in TMS therapy and will be able to provide the care you need**

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  • How much does TMS Therapy cost WITHOUT insurance?

    Customized Quotes!

    The pricing for TMS therapy without insurance varies based on individual factors such as the diagnosis, treatment quantity, and illness severity. We tailor quotes to meet your specific needs and offer a deferred interest financing solution, Care Credit, which is interest-free if repaid in full within a designated period. TMS therapy is highly beneficial, and we encourage those without insurance to contact us for more information on available options.

  • How much does TMS Therapy cost WITH insurance coverage?

    Call us! We can help!

    Insurance plans vary greatly, so to get an accurate estimate of TMS therapy costs, it’s best to contact us with your insurance details at hand. Some individuals may have no out-of-pocket expenses. Our team of insurance specialists will verify whether your insurance covers TMS therapy and clarify any associated costs for you, often providing answers on the same day.

  • What is TMS Therapy?

    TMS Therapy is a non-medication, FDA-approved depression treatment that is covered by insurance.

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