TMS Success Stories: What TMS Patients Have to Say About TMS Treatment

All of these statements are from testimonials on the Dr. TMS Therapy website, and you can find similar praise for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy on website after website. Depression hides the joy in life and makes it difficult to create happy experiences and memories. TMS therapy has helped many long-time depression sufferers experience a full life with joy.

“My experience with TMS Therapy has been life changing… About halfway through TMS, I started feeling ‘lighter’, like a burden had lifted. Then I noticed I was feeling an underlying sense of happiness… I now look forward to each day and what I can accomplish.” – S.M.

Those suffering with depression have described it as living in a thick cloud of darkness where they dwell on the regrets and mistakes of the past and are fearful of the future. Avoiding exercise, people, and even hobbies is common when suffering from depression. Feeling invisible, carrying a heavy burden, living in a deep hole, and wearing a mask so others don’t see the deep sadness are other ways living with depression has been described. Feelings of worthlessness and being trapped affect both work and personal relationships. TMS can help. At the time this blog was written, more than 80% of the patients that have completed TMS Therapy at Dr. TMS Therapy have had their quality of life significantly improve because their depression has been relieved.

“I am thoroughly enjoying my life after [Dr. TMS Therapy]. The quality of my life has vastly improved. I am more mentally alive. I am fully aware of my surroundings and living in the here and now.” – J.G.

Studies show that magnetic stimulation of the proper areas of the brain is having a lasting effect on how the brain functions for many people. This non-invasive treatment directs recurring magnetic pulses at the specific areas of the brain that are involved in mood control. As these magnetic pulses pass painlessly through the skull, they stimulate brain cells to improve the communication between various parts of the brain. This eases depression symptoms and boosts the moods of a vast majority of those who have undergone TMS therapy and does it in a way that lasts.

“My experience has been great as the outcomes have been worth it. I’m not miserable anymore. I’m happy. I can focus more and socialize. I finally get up without an alarm around 5 AM to workout at the gym or outside. I’m excited about things in my life.”- R.M.

Each person’s experience is slightly different with TMS Therapy. A typical course of treatment for depression consists of sessions 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, for about 7 weeks. Sessions may be as short as 17 minutes or as long as 39. The biggest difference is in response time. Some experience relief from depression within the first week of treatment, for others the relief comes later. Some people have their depression symptoms disappear quickly, while others have a more gradual experience. More than 80% of our patients achieve positive results. A long-term research study that followed patients who had a positive outcome with TMS found that 68% of them sustained the positive outcomes for 12 months. This statistic is remarkable considering it’s not typical to see long-term benefits in patients who have treatment resistant forms of depression.

“The best miracle in my life was taking the leap of faith and having TMS therapy. Dr. Griffith has been my miracle worker. I am forever grateful to him. I have a newfound life without severe depression. TMS, which is truly a miracle machine, has given me a new start at life. “- J.G.

The quotes throughout this article are from the testimonials you can find on our website, but, Neurostar, the first maker of TMS machines, has professionally produced several short YouTube videos of other TMS Therapy success stories.

Kelly, Mike, and Schatzie are only three of the people who have filmed and enthusiastically told the stories of their experiences with TMS so that others can know there is hope for depression sufferers. Watch their stories. Listen to their words.

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What do TMS benefits sound like?
(directly from our patients)

“To say TMS Therapy improved my life is an understatement. TMS Therapy helped me get my life back; I feel like a new person.” – C. C.

Depression says to avoid people. It takes away focus and motivation. It says that life can’t really get any better. It says that the things that make you feel better are too hard. Our patients who have completed TMS therapy say that isn’t true. They say they want to be around people and can do it without a knotted stomach. They say they are focused, energetic, and alive. They are getting more done during the day, looking at career options, and enjoying life. The underlying sense of melancholy that was always present has become an underlying sense of joy.

“This is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.” – P.S.



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