Justin Letourneau, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Accomplished Physician Assistant trained through the DOD Interservice Physician Assistant Program with 8 years of practical clinical experience post-graduation. Served as the senior ranking provider in a US Army Troop Primary Care clinic with extensive experience in General Medicine, Aviation Medicine, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Orthopedics, and Pain Management. A retired US Army Major with 23 years of service in Medical Operations Management, recruiting, leadership, mentoring, and training; culminating in
the opportunity to become a Flight Surgeon qualified Aeromedical Physician Assistant, serving in both Germany and Afghanistan. Currently, post-retirement, a CAQ – Psych certified psychiatric physician assistant in Lakewood Ranch, FL working with Walter Griffith, MD, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist.

Service Expertise


What is your mental health treatment philosophy & approach?

My treatment philosophy is a nuanced blend of evidence-based practices, compassionate listening, and a dash of humor when appropriate. I believe in tailoring interventions to each individual, integrating therapeutic modalities that address the biological, chemical, and psychosocial aspects of mental health. Essentially, it’s a bit like crafting a personalized mental health cocktail, minus the umbrella but with a generous pour of empathy


  • Running, painting, writing & spending time with Family 🙂


Evelyn E
Justin listened to all I had to say and really understood me and my current situation.
Riley R
Justin is great! He has always been a great listener and addresses all my concerns
Justin is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone seeking care!
Justin is a very knowledgeable Psychiatrist. He actually sits down with you and gets to the root of your problem. It’s not an in and out meeting. He actually listens to the patient and has an amazing vibe! Highly recommend this practice.
Zoey H
Dr Justin is so easy to talk to, my time with Dr Justin has been beneficial towards my recovery.
Justin always is patient with us and listens to us. He is knowledgeable and works towards a solution. Thanks
Olivia Smith
Justin listens to what you have to say.
Ethan Johnson
The Dr listens and cares I have never had a better experience with a Dr visit Dr Justin is awesome great care providers

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  • A Physician Assistant (PA) is a highly trained healthcare professional who works under the supervision of a physician to provide medical care. Similar to Physicians, PAs can diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, and assist in patient management. In psychiatry, PAs play a key role in diagnosing mental health conditions, increasing access to care, managing treatment plans, and prescribing medications. Their extensive training, experience, and collaborative approach with physicians ensure reliable, comprehensive care for patients.

  • Yes, Physician Assistants (PAs) can prescribe medication and diagnose illnesses, including in the field of psychiatry. Their education and training include extensive coursework and clinical rotations in various medical fields, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for diagnosing a wide range of health conditions. Overall, PAs play a vital role in healthcare teams, working collaboratively with physicians to provide comprehensive care that includes diagnosis and medication management. We have an amazing clinical team and are very proud of the level of care we offer to our patients.

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