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What is TMS Therapy?

TMS Therapy is a drug-free, FDA-approved depression treatment without nasty side effects and it’s covered by insurance!

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Is TMS Therapy right for me?

  • Meds not working?

    Many patients don’t benefit from antidepressants. You try one pill and it doesn’t work. Then you try another pill. Then another. Why not try a more effective, modernized depression treatment?

  • Sick of side effects?

    Sexual side effects, weight gain, feeling like a zombie… sometimes medication side effects are worse than depression symptoms!

  • Want better relief?

    Some patients go years without satisfying depression relief. TMS provides a fresh start that many are looking for!

TMS Therapy was made for patients that don’t benefit from antidepressants

Why TMS Therapy?

  • No More Pills

    No more pills means no more nasty side effects! TMS Therapy is a non-medication depression treatment 🙂

  • Long-lasting Relief

    Most TMS patients experience its transformative effects for over a year, often without needing further treatments!

  • Highly Effective

    Over 80% of our TMS patients report significant relief! TMS can help get your life back.

Benefits of TMS Therapy

  • 1

    Feel Human Again

    Do you forget what it’s like to feel like your old, happy self? TMS provides transformative, life-changing results. You deserve a fresh start!

  • 2

    Smile & Laugh

    Depression can steal our happiness. It can make us more irritable & even angry. As depression symptoms go away, we see our patients smile and laugh more 🙂

  • 3

    Spend More Time With Loved Ones

    Are you isolating yourself? Canceling plans frequently? Depression makes us less social. TMS can help you be more present and engaged socially allowing you to make beautiful memories with friends & family.

  • 4

    Get Energized & Excited

    Depression can make you feel like there is a dark cloud over you. It can also make you feel like there is a heavy weight on your shoulders. As depression symptoms subside, TMS can help set you free!

  • 5

    Be Resilient!

    Life can be difficult. Bad things can happen. The most common thing we hear from our TMS patients is their improved ability to deal with life’s stressors! You are resilient! You deserve to be happy.

  • 5

    Anxiety, OCD, sleep issues?

    TMS has so many positive spillover effects! TMS can treat multiple diagnoses and help alleviate the negative symptoms you’re experiencing!

Real TMS Experiences

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About Dr. Walter Griffith

His accomplishments include:
  • Board Certified Psychiatrist

  • Top TMS Provider [Diamond Award Status]

  • Previous Psychiatric Chief Resident of Cleveland Clinic

  • Over 20,000 treatments performed

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Top TMS Provider [Diamond Award Status]
  • Previous Psychiatric Chief Resident of Cleveland Clinic
  • Over 20,000 treatments performed

TMS Google Reviews


586 reviews

TMS has been a lifesaver! Twenty plus years on medication and I am now pill free! Didn’t think it was possible but TMS really works. Dr. Griffith and staff are wonderful and his office is relaxing and soothing.
Hunter Russ
Dr. Griffith and his team are some of the most excellent clinicians I’ve had the pleasure of being treated by. Everyone in the office was kind and understanding and they took the time to answer all of my questions when I was initially nervous about the treatment process. My technician Mark went above and beyond to make sure I was given the best care possible. I highly recommend Dr. Griffith’s office if you are looking for TMS treatment.
Nancy L
Great staff, and happy I was a patient of TMS. Well worth every bit of it. Personally, I have felt lousy, depressed and all of the above for so long I really did not believe things would change. It was very around the 3rd week I felt like my emotions were back after many, many years of feeling emotionless. I was looking forward to things again. I’m here to say TMS is the best therapy I could have ask for. Oh so, definitely worth it! Also the staff were kind and very supportive. Just do it and commit. Again, well worth it!
Grayson J
Have been going here for 7+ years. Awesome staff and doctors. Would recommend.
Ella M
I was hopeful but skeptical about this process but the team at Dr. TMS Therapy Griffith Psychiatry were very helpful in making sure I understood the process and was comfortable. They dealt with my insurance company and really made this an easy process. Mark administered my treatment and he is not only knowledgeable but understanding and super encouraging during a very vulnerable time. I feel a lot better and more in control of my depression and I am so grateful for my experience.

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