TMS Therapy vs Antidepressants

Let’s look closer

First, let me explain how antidepressants work.  Antidepressant medications provide chemical stimulation to wake up the mood circuit. The mood circuit is a tiny area in your brain that is difficult to specifically target through chemical stimulation.

Why? Antidepressants don’t know ‘what’ to target per se, but rather, they are absorbed through your gut and carried everywhere by your bloodstream and distributed all throughout your body – from head to toe – and hopefully they reach and treat the relatively tiny mood circuit in your brain (where depression resides).  Your blood vessels feed your entire body – meaning that the chemicals absorbed go to all parts of your body and can potentially cause side effects in virtually every organ system in the body.

For instance, too much serotonin in the gut causes nausea and loose stools. Too much in the spinal cord causes sexual side effects. Too much norepinephrine and dopamine can elevate blood pressure and heart rate. Antidepressants are not as accurate at treating depression as TMS Therapy. For this reason, antidepressants cause more side effects.

Due to the side effects…

…caused by these antidepressants, sometimes, “the cure is worse than the disease.”   As you can see, this internal, widespread antidepressant distribution makes it extremely difficult to target the depression effectively and side-effect free.

This is important to understand because it illustrates the little control we have over where the antidepressants are distributed.  While antidepressants may work wonders for some, others are left with subpar results and unbearable, negative side effects.

Comparatively, TMS provides

An electromagnetic stimulation to ‘wake’ up the mood circuit.  Unlike antidepressants, TMS has the technology to accurately and efficiently target the mood circuit with minimal side effects (slight head discomfort that dissipates within a week of treatment).

TMS uniquely, stimulates the electrical system of neurons, and when neurons are electrically stimulated—just like when they are chemically stimulated—they release greater amounts of neurotransmitters—serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine—which helps reverse depression!!
TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate the part of the brain associated with mood control and because of this, the treatment is localized to the small area.  To clarify, TMS is not distributed all throughout your body.  Instead, it focuses on the area that is depressed which, as a result, avoids causing side effects on the body.

Antidepressant Medications

Aren’t the only form of defense against the debilitating major depression disease.  If you have tried antidepressants and have had unsatisfactory results, seriously consider TMS. 

If you have any questions

Please don’t hesitate to call us. My office staff & myself want to see our patients get healthy. This is our top priority. We emphasize results & customer care because at the end of the day that’s what matters.

During my 25+ years of treating depression, I’ve never seen results like TMS. The transformation from start to finish makes me happy to offer it to patients. People walk out of here depression-free.

TMS is covered by almost all insurance companies.  BUT dealing with these insurance companies can be intimidating and stressful.

My staff has put in place an efficient system that sees if you’re covered by your insurance provider.  Let us handle the insurance headache. We want to be a stepping stone in your journey to getting your life back from depression.

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